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10 Sep 2003

  • Jerry Kuntz has sent me material from his website to post here. Mr. Hughart has given permission for me to do so. In the coming days I will make it so.

20 Aug 2003

  • Jerry Kuntz's excellent Hughart web site is gone. Because of this, I am resurrecting this site. I would like to contact Jerry or Barry to see about posting some of the excellent content here.

03 Jul 2000

  • Magpie Bookshop has just listed the first edition hardcover of Eight Skilled Gentlemen for 225. Supply is low, demand is high.

20 Feb 2000

  • Jerry Kuntz has just posted an interviewhe conducted with Barry Hughart, and it is very interesting indeed.

19 Dec 1999

  • Jerry Kunz reports: "Barry Hughart has generously allowed us to publish online the original draft of his 1985 World Fantasy Award winning novel Bridge of Birds. This draft, written years before the final published version, includes episodes that later appeared in all 3 of Hughart's Master Li novels. However, there are major differences; for instance, in this draft, Master Li is nineteen years old, and Number Ten Ox only makes a brief appearance as a village idiot! At Barry's suggestion, access to the draft has been presented as a challenge: each chapter file is hidden in a 3-D maze; and is password protected by questions whose answers can only be found by reading the chapters in sequential order. The maze is a java applet, and the password prompts are javascript. [there are instructions for getting access to the chapters if your browser can't handle java]. Go directly to the Castle of the Labyrinth at: or enter via our Hughart site at:"

04 Oct 1999

29 May 1999

  • Original artwork from the new Omnibus edition of all three books is available from the artist, Kaja Foglio. I have already received mine, and it is fabulous.

  • Speaking of which, the hardcover is completely sold out, much to my surprise and delight. the trade paperback is still available from Stars Our Destination.

31 Mar 1999

  • The new Omnibus edition of all three books is also available from the artist, Kaja Foglio.

29 Mar 1999

  • Welcome to the "Barry Hughart News" page.

  • The new Omnibus edition of all three books is now available in signed hardcover or trade paperback editions from Stars Our Destination.

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